Juliet Fellows Acupuncture

Welcome to the Courtyard Clinic

We are situated in the centre of Worcester in a quiet courtyard area, away from the hustle and bustle of the City. We provide a tranquil location for you to revitalise your energy and give yourself a little time away from the stress and strain of everyday life.

I am a traditional Five Element acupuncturist with 25 years experience of practice and I am also a trained nurse.

Holistic approach

Acupuncture is a therapy which views the patient in a holistic way. Acupuncturists see each patient as an individual with a unique set of physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Chinese Medicine views the whole person and not just the symptom. We believe that by taking this approach we can make an difference to the patient's health.

Complementary therapy

As an Acupuncturist with a background in nursing I recognise the value of western medical treatment and understand that this is essential to many of my patients. My aim is to work alongside western medicine thereby allowing my patients to receive the best treatment possible.


The clinic is usually open six days a week (closed on Sunday). Acupuncture appointments are available daily. Evening appointments are available.


Where to find us


We are located behind the Clip Joint Hair Salon on New Street. Access to The Courtyard is via the passageway between Cranes Music shop and The Pheasant pub.

From Foregate Street Railway Station

Recommended Parking:

St Martin's Gate Multistorey